About us

Who are we?
artstore.az is a platform that organizes the contact of creative people with customers.

Who do we work with?
With creative people (professionals and amateurs), art galleries and art lovers.

How we are working?
Register and upload a high-resolution photo of your 5 best works in accordance with the proposed categories (painting, sculpture, photo, design, decorative-applied art, souvenir, accessories), as well as a brief information about the author and the work.

A 25% commission is charged on the sale.
5% of the commission will be spent on charity.

Choose on our site the work you like, leave a request. Our employee will contact you and after confirming the order payment and delivery will be made.

What services do we provide?
We will help you in the formation of a private or corporate collection, as well as in the selection of works of art for the design of private interiors, public spaces, and offices.
Also with us, you can order a pictorial copy of your favorite painting or a print of artwork from our gallery, an art or photographic portrait, any work of art you wish - from landscape and sculpture to monumental works on an interior painting.
You can order a professional framing of the acquired works from us, including directly corresponding to the style of your home or office.